Are you interested in learning fundamental drum patterns and gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between African culture and North American culture?

Join us in this Afro-Brazilian Drum Experience while meeting new friends.

This workshop provides a unique study of popular music genres using a combination of African and Brazilian (which has deep roots in West African music) dance, drum, song, and communication. Students explore the influences of African drumming with our modern popular music and culture of the last century.

Beginners are welcome and drums will be provided without charge. 

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Canada Day Drumming Celebration on July 1st, 2020

Riding on the success of the 2019 Canada Day Drumming Celebration, The Legacy 150 Celebrations Society is excited to announce the celebration will again take place on Wednesday, July 1, 2020!

Watch Canada Day Drumming Celebration 2019 Highlights

Canada Day Drumming Celebration

Canada Day 2017 not only marked the nation’s 150th birthday, but also a historic moment of the first ever simultaneous drumming across Canada!

On July 1st, 2017, drummers across five time zones and the eight Canadian cities drummed simultaneously to celebrate Canada’s birthday, multiculturalism, and diversity. Everyone was welcome to drum for six minutes across Canada as the event was broadcast live on social media platforms.

In 2018, we brought the Guinness World Records™  for “Most Nationalities in a Drum Circle” to Vancouver. This historic event not only achieved a breaking record but also symbolized the unity of Canada and the celebrate Canada’s birthday. The celebration took place in 13 cities across Canada.

In 2019, drummers across 5 time zones and 11 Canadian cities attempted to bring the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ of “Largest Group Drum Roll (multiple venues)” to Canada and
Participants in 13 Canadian cities across 5 time zones drummed simultaneously to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

The Legacy 150 Celebrations Society is excited to be hosting an even bigger celebration this year and we hope you will come support and enjoy all the energetic and loud drumming!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Message to Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Celebration