Guinness World Records™  Result



We are now the Guinness World Records™ holder for the title of “Most People Performing a Drum Roll Online Simultaneously”!

Thank you to the drummers, performers, sponsors, and volunteers for joining us on Canada Day!

Legacy 150 Celebrations Society is now the Guinness World Records™ title holder of the “Most People Performing a Drum Roll Online Simultaneously” with 581 drummers.

To the drummers who registered and participated on Canada Day,
lease follow this link to purchase the CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION from Guinness World Records™ directly.

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Certificate of Participation

In addition to other perks, your participation either as an Individual or as a Group entitles you to purchase the CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION, issued by Guinness World Records™ in your Individual name or in your Group name. This Certificate is valued at CAD35 and will be available for purchase conditional upon the world record attempt being achieved.