Opportunity to work on a global event (multiple positions)

Non-profit society based in Vancouver, BC is looking for marketing assistant and event co-ordinators to plan and execute the 5thCanada Day Drumming Celebration (http://canadadaydrumming.com/).

The event will be fully online this year which includes multicultural performances, workshops, simultaneous drumming across Canada and global cities, as well as a Guinness World Record attempt. We are looking for dedicated, responsible, and tech-savvy youth (aged between 15-30) to join us to put on the show.

Some of the key responsibilities include:

Social media & Zoom room management

  • Populate social media calendar with postings, photos, and contents ahead of time for approval.
  • Postings on the website for each city/province to make the contents more interesting.
  • Live postings on the day of the event.
  • Social listening and gathering media coverage.
  • Produce videos to teach people who are less tech-savvy on how to position phone/camera to meet the requirements of GWR.
  • Co-ordinate the Zoom room to ensure everyone follows the strict guidelines.
  • Be the steward and record (precisely) on the GWR attempt.
  • Our target audience is very diverse and in order to provide a good experience to all, we are looking for co-ordinators (across the country) to provide knowledge, support, and skills to enhance the experience.

Event co-ordination

  • The co-ordinators will report to the national project office in Vancouver, BC with staff providing training and mentorship. Co-ordinators are welcome to provide feedback in terms of local practice, requirements, and how problems can be resolved.
  • Answer enquiries and address issues in each city in a timely fashion.
  • Encourage local sign-up and support through email and social media.
  • Reach out to local schools, community groups, pipe bands (including army and law enforcement), music schools, drumming groups, and invite them to join the simultaneous drumming and/or GWR attempt.
  • Research and build database.
  • Ensure the drums to be used are approved by GWR.
  • Explain the guidelines to the individual groups and answer questions.
  • Planning for the rehearsal days and event day.

Guidelines will be provided during the first week of work. Training will be done via Zoom or in person (depending on local health guidelines at the time). Work can be done from home and submitted via Google Drive or similar. We will be able to edit, update, and review in real time. This promotes exchange of ideas and learning. We are very open to new ideas as we move towards the same goal.

If you believe you possess the qualities to run a global event, be able to work independently and as a team, we would like to hear from you. The positions (20 hours per week) will be for a period of 14 weeks, ending by the end of August 2021. You will need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Some working experience will be an asset. Please email us at info@canadadaydrumming.com to tell us how awesome you are and what you have done in the past (including volunteering experience) that make you a good fit for these exciting positions. The remuneration is in line with the minimum wage of the Province of British Columbia.