The Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Drumming Celebration hosted the first-ever Guinness World Records™ attempt to set the record for “Most Nationalities in a Drum Circle” (single venue) on July 1st, 2017.

The official record attempt was: “Most Nationalities in a Drum Circle” of a recognized orchestral piece of music lasting at least five minutes. This record attempt called for the participation of at least 50 nationalities who are new to Canada (with valid foreign passports).

Supported by the eight cities, the Guinness World Records™ attempt took place in Vancouver, BC. Before the attempt, drummers in Vancouver were joined by the rest of Canada for simultaneous, multicultural drumming. The whole process was broadcasted live across eight cities and on social media platforms around the world.

While the attempt in 2017 fell short of the requirement of 50 nationalities, it marked a special moment of unity and rhythm between the drummers representing 37 nationalities that participated.

In 2018, we will attempt once again to set the Guinness World Record™  for “Most Nationalities in a Drum Circle.” This historic event will not only achieve a breaking record, but will also symbolize the unity of Canada and the celebrate Canada’s birthday.