Group Registration Guidelines

Please feel free to contact us at register@canadadaydrumming.com if you have any questions.

Create Your Group / Register Under Your Group

1. Click “Tickets”

3. Group Leader: Please select “Create Your Group”

Group Members: Please enter your group name (Provided by your group leader) 

5. Both group leader and members could register for the tickets. 

When register, please ensure you enter the participant’s FULL NAME, Personal Email and your city.

2. Select “As a group member”

4. Enter your group name 

6. Group Leader: Please share your group name and password with your members. 

Edit Your Group / Ticket Information

1. Click on the icon and select “Tickets”

Picture 3: You can edit your ticket information here, cancel the order or contact the organizer. 

2. You will be directed to your own page.

To edit your tickets, please click the ticket and you will be redirected to picture 3.

To enter your group page, please cleck the name of your group and you will be redirected to picture 4).

Picture 4: You can edit your group information here and share the invitation with your members.