Steve Sacky, Drum Circle Leader

July 1, 2021

An immigrant from Ghana, Steve Sacky is born with the talent and enthusiasm of drumming. A self-taught drummer, Steve has been in various drum circles and he plays in various bands.

In 2003, he started a drum circle on Second Beach and then he moved on to Third Beach to start another drum circle. Both beaches are situated in the world-famous Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada.

The drum circles attract dedicated drummers from various cultures and nationalities. They get together every Tuesday evening (weather permitting) to drum together until sunset. It typically attracts 600-800 people every time. Steve is more than qualified to lead a group of 100 drummers in starting and setting the drum circle rhythm.

Steve currently leads a group called African Soul Train and he compares it to a relaxing experience travelling on a train – drumming, learning, and sharing culture with a wide spectrum of enthusiastic drummers.

Many of the GWR attempt drummers heard about the event through Steve and the Third Beach drum circle.