Press Release: 12 Cities, 5 Time Zones, and 1 Guinness World Records™ attempt all took place at the 2nd Annual Canada Day Drumming Celebration

July 3, 2018

Vancouver, B.C. – The non-profit organization, The Legacy 150 Celebrations Society, is excited to announce that it successfully brought the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ of “Most Nationalities in a Drum Circle (single venue)” to Vancouver. On July 1st, 107 drummers representing 61 nationalities were qualified to drum in the drum circle.

As declared by the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ adjudicator, Claire Stephens, we are now OFFICIALLY AMAZING!™ under this fancy title: The most nationalities in a drum circle is 61 and was achieved by The Legacy 150 Celebrations Society (Canada) at Creekside Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on 1 July 2018.

Two highlights during the opening ceremonies include:

  1. Star Quilt Cover was presented to four distinguished individuals by the Musqueam Indian Band. They include WWII Veteran George Chow, Senator Yuen Pau Woo, Hon. George Chow, MLA Vancouver-Fraserview, and His Worship Gregor Robertson
  2. Senator Yuen Pau Woo presented the Senate Sesquicentennial Medal to five remarkable individuals who have helped to shape this nationwide drumming celebration. They are: Addy Cheong, James Chu, Sandra Sung, Alfred Woo, and Edmund Wu. Richard Wong and Maggie Ip have received the Medal earlier in Ottawa for their leadership in this national event.

“We believe it is one of the few celebrations from coast to coast to coast,” said Richard Wong, National Elected Chair of the Society, “we are excited that we achieved the record on the second try. We believe in not giving up and we are determined.”

“We are excited that we brought a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ to Vancouver,” said Maggie Ip, Vice Chair, “what is more important though is it shows how multicultural Canada is and how the diverse communities can live together in harmony, something that is getting more and more rare in the world today.”

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